Walk-In Dressing Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration

This blog will provide some ideas and inspiration for walk-in dressing rooms from Draks. It will look into some of the advantages of choosing Draks for your dressing room needs. It will briefly explore Draks’ products that can make up the ideal walk-in dressing room.


  • What are walk-in dressing rooms?
  • Why Draks’ walk-in dressing rooms?
  • What are the costs of walk-in dressing rooms?
  • Ideas and Inspiration

What are Walk-In Dressing Rooms?

Walk-in dressing rooms combine space and storage perfectly. They are the ultimate solution for luxury living. Choosing a walk-in dressing room gives you the freedom and space to get dressed and stay organised in style. The features of a walk-in dressing room radiate style and sophistication whilst tending to all your organisational storage needs.

Why Draks’ Walk-In Dressing Rooms?

Every dressing room at Draks is bespoke and tailored towards each client’s needs and space. Draks’ dressing rooms are perfect for those with an unused space in need of a makeover or within an existing area of your home. Whatever the situation, Draks is able to find and offer the ideal solution. Draks uses unique and bespoke designs in order to maximise any space regardless of the shape and size.

Draks’ team consists of skilled and trusted designers, manufacturers and installers to ensure each dressing room fulfils all client’s wishes. The whole process is entirely managed on site through Draks to ensure guaranteed quality and satisfaction. Furthermore, Draks uses solely sustainably sourced, premium quality materials to further guarantee the ultimate solution for your space.

What are the costs of Walk-In Dressing Rooms?

The costs of each Walk-In dressing room is determined by range, size and the selected material used.

Costs vary depending on the selected range and material used.

£300-800mper linear metre

Walk-In Dressing Room Ideas and Inspiration

Draks’ range is extensive to allow each customer to make their walk-in dressing room suit their space and taste. Some of Draks’ products include Walk-In Wardrobes, Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Hinged Wardrobe Doors, Wardrobe Interiors, and Room Dividers. This broad and diverse range of products allows for the creation of a totally bespoke and personalised walk-in dressing room.

Here we will briefly outline each of these features to demonstrate how a Walk-In dressing room can be developed and designed in order to suit any space.

Walk-In Wardrobes

Draks’ range includes three variations of walk-in wardrobes that might transform your dressing room. These include the Oxford range, the Skyline Range and the System Duo range. Each style caters towards different tastes and spaces to ensure that every client finds the wardrobe for them.

  • The Oxford range offers fully bespoke interior and exterior finishings with a wide range of colours, allowing it to be tailored to anyone’s taste. It contains a wide range of options from shoe shelves and recessed lighting through to belt and tie racks to create a perfect solution to chic, classic storage.
  • The Skyline range is the luxury walk-in range. This range is stylish, classic and sophisticated and can totally upgrade your walk-in dressing room. It is free-floating and mounted off the floor and this range allows one to use the full height of the wardrobe/dressing room with a range of suspended shelves and accessories allowing for the maximisation of any space.
  • The System Duo range allows you to create a furniture layout which suits a wide variety of different applications. It can be designed to be tailored toward any design – traditional or contemporary. The System Duo collection is unique to its modular shelving system that offers an adaptable storage solution for a wide range of uses throughout the home.
Oxford Range Skyline Range System Duo Range
Oxford Walk-In Dressing Room Custom walk-in wardrobes with hanging space and shelves Modular walk in dressing room design

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

  • Draks’ collection of Sliding Wardrobe Doors can totally transform your walk-in dressing room. The expansive collection of sliding doors is versatile and timeless with a huge range of colours and finishes. This luxury collection comprises the Woodstock, Aspen, Canto, Jericho, and Aluminium ranges.
  • These ranges vary from the chic floor-to-ceiling Jericho fitted sliding wardrobe doors to the solid wood wide frame design of the Aspen range of made to measure sliding wardrobe doors. All these options allow each client to find the perfect doors for their walk-in dressing room.

Hinged Wardrobe Doors

  • This is an alternative to sliding wardrobe doors. If you’re looking for a more traditional, classic look to your walk-in dressing room then these are a great option.
  • Draks has two ranges of hinged wardrobe doors: the Heyford Range and the Charlbury Range.
  • The Heyford Range is a great, made to measure solution that comes in a wide variety of finishes and is a great option for spaces with sloping/angles ceilings.
  • The Charlbury shaker range is stylish with the MDF doors being customisable and painted on site and the classic shaker door design having soft close hinges.
Charlbury Range Heyford Range
Luxury shaker hinged wardrobe doors with handles Hinged Walk-in Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Interiors

  • Draks’ wide range of wardrobe interiors can spruce up any walk-in dressing room to any customer’s taste.
  • Draks’ variety is cost-effective, versatile, and timeless, and is created to maximise any available space in your dressing room. Draks also offers customised wardrobe solutions which can be adapted to suit many requirements. The portfolio includes the Modular System Duo, the built-in, fully bespoke Oxford, and the custom-fitted Classic ranges.
Modular System Duo Interiors Oxford Range interiors
Modular wardrobe shelving system Wardrobe interior solution with drawers and shelves

Room Dividers

  • Draks’ room dividers could transform your bedroom, office, bathroom, or any room into the ultimate walk-in dressing room. Draks’ classy and elegant collection of sliding and fixed room dividers mean that any home can be organised and separated to suit different and changing lifestyles.
  • These room dividers could be used to create the ideal dressing room space in any area of the home and come in two ranges; the Aluminium Room Dividers and the canto Room Dividers and Partitions.
Aluminium Room Dividers Canto Room Dividers and Partitions
Sliding door room divider with 3 doors Room Dividers for Walk-In Dressing Rooms
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