Aspen Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Image description
Aspen Sliding Wardrobe Doors
Image description
Aspen sliding wardrobe doors with painted frame and neutral coloured satin glass

Beautifully finished, solid wood, wide frame sliding wardrobe doors. Aspen sliding wardrobe doors use a wide framework to highlight the solid wood construction of the door frames.

A wide range of infills are available including coloured glass and mirrored glass. Additionally our in-house spray shop allows us to finish the doors in your choice of colour or stain.

Key features

  • The wide solid frame work can be finished in the stain or colour of your choice
  • The use of bevelled or tinted mirror make these wardrobe doors feel like a piece of furniture
  • A choice of coloured glass or mirror infill's are available to suit your interior

Infill Colours

  • Soft White Soft White
  • Titanium Titanium
  • Classic Beige Classic Beige
  • Classic Brown Classic Brown
  • Dark Red Dark Red
  • Black Black
  • Silver Mirror Silver Mirror
  • Tinted Grey Mirror Tinted Grey Mirror
  • Pure White Pure White
  • Pearl White Pearl White
  • Bright Red Bright Red

Frame Finishes

  • Oak Oak
  • Grey Oak Grey Oak
  • Walnut Walnut
  • Black Brown Sorano Oak Black Brown Sorano Oak
  • Painted White Painted White
  • Painted Black Painted Black


  • Green/Grey Avola Green/Grey Avola
  •  Marlborough Herringbone Marlborough Herringbone
  • Marlborough Natural Silk Marlborough Natural Silk
  • Marlborough Grey Silk Marlborough Grey Silk
  • Marlborough Taupe Silk Marlborough Taupe Silk

We cannot accept any responsibility for any variations or perceived variations in the colour between the images on this site and the actual products itself. Colour reproduction is as accurate as possible within the limits of the capture and delivery process.

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