Room Dividers

Draks has created a beautifully-designed, clever range of sliding and fixed room dividers so that any space in the home can be organised, or separated, to suit different and changing lifestyles.

Today’s world is seeing more and more people spending time, and working, at home. And maybe the children are growing up, or elderly parents moving in; the precious space in a home needs to evolve with the family.

Room dividers are used to separate spaces around the home in any room. They create smaller sections of a large room for a reading haven, tv room, or office, for example.

Draks’ beautifully-styled room dividers employ a unique, bottom-weighted sliding system that increases stability however wide the divider. Placing a rebated track in the floor means that the top track acts as a guide only, thus allowing installation in tricky places with problematic ceiling construction.

The bottom track can be surface-mounted and, at only 6mm thick, does not cause an obstruction. The divider, therefore, can be installed in a variety of different rooms and recessed into carpet, laminate, hard floors or even marble and tiling making them ideal for any home or office space.

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