Mixing and matching in the bedroom

Jericho Sliding Wardrobe Doors Matte Finish

Nowadays, anything goes in the home! Colours, styles, eras and materials all mix now so the home reflects your personality.

Traditionally, wardrobe doors have been made from wood, veneers, glass or mirror; pine and gloss white, sometimes with a matching bed, were seen as ‘safe’.

In today’s braver world, colours and materials such as leather, suede and stainless steel can be used and dark and light tomes mixed. A wardrobe near a window can host a dark colour; the other side of the room may make use of brighter tones. Even on one door, the top may be a lighter colour in a different material to a lower darker tone. These mixes give a bedroom personality and richness. 

In addition, the interiors can be designed with a mix of materials depending on specific requirements.

All Draks products are made in the UK and are fitted by the company’s own team of registered installers.

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