Eliminate Moths with Draks

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Homes are being terrorised by a plague of common clothes moths whose tiny larvae are causing misery up and down the country.

Moths are drawn to spending months concealed in dark wardrobes where they can breed and feast on clothes - particular favourite fabrics including silk, cashmere, sheepskin, feathers and pure wool.  As British women today have four times the amount of clothes in their wardrobes as in 1980, there’s an awful lot of fabric for moths to nestle into!

To help eliminate moths, avoid storing dirty or unwashed clothes in your wardrobe. Declutter your wardrobe with any clothes that you don’t wear and don’t keep clothes pressed together as it allows moths to cross-infest different fabrics.

As a moth’s lifecycle is around three weeks, shake out your clothes in the daylight once a month to disturb and dislodge their larvae.

Draks offers the perfect range of bespoke storage solutions to suit every space and every item – so it’s easy to access and clean your clothes!

Source: The Daily Mail

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