Draks – for beautiful wardrobes

Canto Sliding Wardrobe Doors White Glass Infill Midrails

When you are thinking about your ultimate, tranquil bedroom, storage comes high on the list of “must consider carefully” detail.

If you cannot hide your clutter or organise your clothes and shoes, the room is going to be somewhat chaotic before you start with the candles and lavender spray!

Equally, the wardrobe doors can take up an entire wall so make sure they are pretty to look at.  The detail and beauty of the Canto door from Draks (pictured here) sets it apart from “me too” wardrobes. They boast a custom-painted finish on the hardwood timber frame and midrails combined with soft white glass infill panels; but you can choose from different paints, stains and infills to suit your taste.

The wardrobe interiors from Draks are equally stunning and are designed to suit your individual needs. Everything is made in Oxford and all timber is from sustainable sources.

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