Draks = fabulous wardrobes

Oxford Walk In Wardrobe Interior White Finish

Draks offers homeowners the perfect range of stunning, custom-built storage solutions to suit every space. The company also offers a wide range of accessories for the interior of your wardrobe.

Even with the perfect storage solution and accessories, you still need to manage your wardrobe to make sure it stays organised and tidy. Draks offers the following tips:

  • When sorting through your bags and coats, make sure to check the inside pockets for anything of value you may have forgotten about.
  • If you find clearing your wardrobe out daunting, do it over a few evenings so it doesn't seem like such a big job.
  • Be brutal; if you don’t wear it, don’t keep it.
  • When you're having a clear out of clothes and deciding what to throw out, divide your clothes into sections (all trousers together, all jumpers etc.) so when you try everything on you are comparing like with like.
  • Dry-cleaned clothes should be removed from the plastic packaging. This will prevent the chemicals continuing to work, which can cause damage.
  • Invest in some decent wooden hangers as wire hangers ruin clothes.
  • Fold knitwear once horizontally with arms across the body for fewer creases.
  • If you are putting clothes in long-term storage, place them in acid-free tissue paper, to keep out moisture, damp and light.
  • When storing bags, keep them where you can see them as you're more likely to use what you can see and easily lay your hands on.

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