Choose Canto from Draks for fantastic solid timber room dividers

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The UK-made timber room divider range from Draks, is manufactured in the purpose-built, Oxfordshire factory.

Canto, the UK-made timber room divider range from Draks, is manufactured in the purpose-built, Oxfordshire factory where stylish purpose-built schemes are created to optimise the aesthetics and functionality of interior spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices or living areas. 

The solid timber room dividers, where the timber can be painted or stained, are increasingly popular in top quality residential and hotel locations. The only limit is the imagination when considering finishes. Laminated glass is especially popular, for example, as light can ooze through a room while privacy is respected and noise reduced.

The dividers run in a rebated track in the floor so the doors become an integral part of the room. Draks uses a spring-loaded, bottom-weighted track system so even large doors have great stability. With the top track acting only as a guide, the dividers can be installed in places with problematic ceiling construction. 

As with all the wardrobe and room divider products offered by Draks, Canto room dividers can be supplied with short lead times as they are made in Oxfordshire. Flexibility of production, coupled with a CAD design service, allows doors to be specified exactly to suit the individual needs of customers while maintaining the highest quality finish. All products are fitted by the company’s own team of CSCS registered installers, ensuring complete control over delivery times and product quality.

James Fletcher, Draks’ Managing Director, comments: “Canto room dividers are proving really popular with both local and national housebuilders who are keen to maximise space while maintaining chic aesthetics.” 

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