Clever storage ideas for your master bedroom

This blog post will provide some clever storage ideas that are perfect for organising your master bedroom. It will demonstrate that storage doesn’t have to be boring and bland but can be trendy and chic in order to fit the interior taste of your bedroom. It will provide examples of clever bedroom storage whilst illustrating how Draks can help cater towards these ideas.


  1. Make your storage a feature of the room
  2. Clever hidden storage
  3. Use the furniture
  4. Organisational storage tools
  5. Floor to ceiling storage
  6. Go bespoke
  7. Why Draks?

1. Make your storage a feature of the room

  • Storage can go beyond simply being practical. A clever way to utilise our storage is by converting it into a chic and stylish element in your master bedroom.
  • A fun idea for displaying your clothes is by choosing them by season or preference and rotating them accordingly.

2. Clever hidden storage

  • Another nifty hack for organising your master bedroom is by using clever hidden storage methods. There are many different ways you can do this to prevent storage from being the focal point of your master bedroom.
  • Furniture storage: More and more we see furniture designers creating pieces that contain built-in storage; be that beds that lift up or sofas and chairs that have removable cushions with storage inside.
  • Fold-away furniture: Another handy way to maximise your space.
  • Disguised storage: A clever way to draw attention away from your storage is by disguising it completely. Some people use wallpaper to do this while others use sliding doors. Draks uses mirrored sliding doors to achieve this which creates a subtle yet elegant solution for your storage needs. Draks’ bespoke sliding wardrobe doors within our Canto sliding door collection is perfect here.

Clever storage ideas using sliding wardrobe doors

3. Use the furniture

  • Another clever storage idea for your master bedroom is using your furniture for storage. Similarly, by using hidden storage under beds or chairs, you can pick pieces of furniture that are multi-functional.
  • One solution that is particularly useful is using your wardrobe or cupboard as both a storage solution and to hold a whole other purpose such as a desk or dressing table. This means it can be hidden away when needed in order to maximise the space of your master bedroom.
  • Draks’ recent project in Buntingford is a perfect example of this. Draks has sought to keep up with the world’s changing times where the home has had to become more than that; be it an office or a school.
  • The team clevely crafted a solution that combines storage with work/study in the form of a built in wardrobe and desk for a “study nook”.

Clever storage ideas for a study nook

4. Organisational storage tools

  • There are hundreds of useful storage tools and gadgets that can be used to organize your master bedroom perfectly.
  • For example, you can use drawer dividers to maximize the capacity of each space whilst keeping it organised and accessible.
  • There are other handy storage tools to keep your room organised such as belt/tie/scarf organisers to make your wardrobe or storage solution even more efficient.
  • You can organise your shoes to avoid them ending up in a pile on the floor; look at over-the-door storage.
  • Storage containers are also perfect for putting away clothes or items that you are not using as regularly, or seasonal pieces to prevent your room from getting cluttered with unnecessary items.
  • At Draks, there is an expansive collection of wardrobe interiors that can cater to these needs. With three ranges, the ‘Classic Wardrobe Interiors’, the ‘Oxford Wardrobe Interiors’ and the ‘System Duo Modular Wardrobe Interiors’, there is something for everyone. It is the perfect way to stay organised by using clever storage ideas within your wardrobe/storage areas.
Clever storage idea for hanging inside a wardrobe Clever storage idea drawer pull out Clever storage idea for hanging belts

5. Floor to ceiling storage

  • In order to utilise all of your bedroom’s capacity, make the most of your wall space by taking the storage from floor to ceiling. This means you can really make the most of your space and prevent using up other areas of your master bedroom for further storage.
  • This can be a wardrobe or shelving that entirely covers the wall.

Floor to ceiling clever storage idea

6. Go bespoke

  • The ultimate clever storage idea to maximise your master bedroom’s capacity and create the most efficient solution is to go bespoke.
  • Investing in built-in storage has countless benefits. Some of these include:
  1. More efficient: Going bespoke is a clever way to maximise your space as it can be totally customised to fit your room to offer the ultimate storage solution.
  2. Suits you: Not only is it an efficient solution, as it is bespoke, it can be made to fit your interior taste. Beyond staying organised, it looks great and can complement your master bedroom’s furnishings.
  3. Long-term investment: Unlike buying ready-made storage solutions, going bespoke is a timeless investment that wont go out of style or tire with age. They are built to last and thus make a perfect storage solution for your master bedroom.

Bespoke clever storage solutions

7. Why Draks?

  • How can Draks facilitate your master bedroom’s storage needs? Well, at Draks the wide ranges of walk-in wardrobes, sliding doors, wardrobe interiors, and room dividers provide the ultimate basis for a trendy, functional and organised master bedroom.
  • Draks has worked for 25 years to perfect the art of optiising and making the most of any space. The skilled team of in-house designers and fitters can ensure a smooth process for the installation of ultimat wardrobes and shelving in your master bedroom. This is the perfect way to begin your journey to organising your master bedroom with ease and elegance.
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