Master Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021

Looking for great master bedroom design ideas for 2021? These new master bedroom design ideas will help transform your bedroom into a soothing, spacious and serene atmosphere to which you can escape: the perfect comfort zone. Functional and stylish; read on to see how durable and space saving furniture such as built-in wardrobes can both … Continued

Design Your Own Sliding Wardrobe With Draks

These super sleek custom sliding wardrobe doors from Draks offer a cost-effective, stylish way to design your own sliding wardrobe for your bedroom. These super sleek sliding aluminium wardrobe doors from Draks are a cost-effective, stylish storage solution for your bedroom, whatever the design scheme and colour; there is a wide variety of finishes to … Continued

Reduce Bedroom Clutter and Say Goodbye to Your Floordrobe!

A chairdrobe or floordrobe is a form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop clothes on a chair or the floor and you have a chairdrobe or floordrobe! With help from wardrobe manufacturer Draks, you can make sure that all your efforts are not wasted and you have … Continued