Canto room dividers and wardrobes from Draks star in new Troy Homes apartments


Oct 2021



Draks and Essex-based Troy Homes are the perfect match when it comes to designing clever, space-enhancing, beautiful places to live.

Troy Homes is well known for its award-winning, experienced, skilled team and the company’s mission is to create homes that exceed customers’ expectations. And so, the natural choice for designing and creating the stunning room dividers and wardrobes for the Lawn Manor development in Elstree, London was Draks.

With each apartment on the market for between £750k and £1million, it was important that the interiors oozed quality and luxury while ensuring that the eco-conscious homebuyer is comfortable with the sustainability of the build materials.

Lawn Manor is set amongst the leafy suburbs of Elstree and is only 20 minutes from London. With a lot of people continuing to work from home, the move out of big cities is becoming more and more popular, and space in the home needs to be cleverly planned.

A mixture of Draks’ Canto room dividers, in black, Oxford walk-in dressing rooms or Canto mirrored wardrobes feature in the 16 apartments.

The room dividers are made from solid timber and they were sprayed in Draks’ Oxfordshire factory to the precise colour; Troy Homes chose sleek Black for the frames, with clear laminated glass infills to create light throughout the room. These partitions create the ultimate focal point to any room while providing the element of privacy.

Karen Roake, Troy Homes comments, “The room dividers give our customers the opportunity to close off their living area from the kitchen/dining when quiet time is required but have a large open space for daily living.  The sliding doors have been really popular with our purchasers and we intend on using them where possible on future developments.  With regards to the wardrobes, the ability to colour match the frames to our wall colour creates a unique finish”

Draks is well known as the expert in creating beautiful, clever storage for the home. Loved equally by savvy homeowners and prestigious developers, the creations can be seen in wardrobes, room dividers, sliding doors and cabinetry.


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