Master Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021

Looking for great master bedroom design ideas for 2021?

These new master bedroom design ideas will help transform your bedroom into a soothing, spacious and serene atmosphere to which you can escape: the perfect comfort zone. Functional and stylish; read on to see how durable and space saving furniture such as built-in wardrobes can both maximise your living space and be an artistic statement. This blog post will provide inspiration into how to take your interior design to new levels of creativity, guiding you as to which bedroom design trends to leave behind in 2020 and which to follow in the new year!

What is the best way to design a master bedroom?

The decoration of your bedroom is a very personal endeavour. Some people favour a calm and relaxing atmosphere best suited to leisure and rest, whilst others look to their interior design to energize them, creating a vibrant feel to lift their mood each morning. Here are some master bedroom design ideas perfect for 2021…

1). The minimalist design: Scandinavian simplicity.

In recent years, minimalism has risen to become one of the most popular interior design trends across the Western world, and for good reason! This approach centres around functional, modest and affordable décor combining to create an elegant feel to your bedroom. One of the primary tools used in this bedroom idea is light: muted tones such as greys and off-whites that convey the sense of a room filled with natural sunlight – visually enlarging your space and lifting your mood. 20th< Century Scandinavian designers such as Alvar Aalto have shaped this approach hugely, popularising the idea of practical furniture, clean lines and expression of personal taste in the small details.

Maximising bedroom space is not always easy, especially when trying to incorporate a workstation or exercise area, but this bedroom décor is perfect for decluttering a room whilst keeping it in vogue. Inventive storage solutions such as beds with built-in drawers and built-in wardrobes both contribute to a sleek minimalist design whilst also being highly functional. In a smaller room, try a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors, a design which is ideal for creating open space as it can be slotted into awkward niches. Floor to ceiling built-in wardrobes are also easier to clean – allowing you to say goodbye to endlessly dusting the tops of old, freestanding wardrobes in 2021! Add a white, gloss finish to the sliding doors to stylishly complement a muted colour scheme and ensure your bedroom is characterised by clarity and energy.

Alternatively, try a walk-in wardrobe with a mirrored sliding door, or a mirrored door front to your en-suite bathroom cabinet to create the sense of a light, open space. To maintain a fresh and clean atmosphere in your master bedroom, try introducing furniture such as transparent coffee tables or stools. As a final touch, experiment with cohesive pattern play or bold artwork to put your stamp on a minimalist room.

2). The cosy, rustic feel.

This interior design favours a tranquil, autumnal environment – a warm and cosy retreat from the hubbub of everyday life. This aesthetic is also in keeping with the trend of eco décor and can be trendy as well as environmentally friendly.

Try introducing a colour scheme of warm tones such as yellows, oranges and off-whites to create a soft and welcoming aura to your master bedroom. Heat-treated wooden panels combine with natural light to create this organic feel, allowing a refreshing environment for you to unwind in.

Room dividers

Room dividers are another clever solution that tailor your living space to your personal needs. Creating smaller sections of a large room creates a homely, cottage feel and also allows a multi-functional element to your bedroom. Models such as German designed bottom weighted sliding system increases stability however wide the divider, and by choosing a durable, high quality model you can ensure that they won’t need replacing anytime soon, becoming a sustainable investment that wastes less materials. Room dividers open up new possibilities for your interior design, perhaps allowing you the space for a reading area that can become your sanctuary.

What are some ideas to renovate my master bedroom?

Giving your bedroom a new lease of life is easier than you think with these simple but transformative touches. Here are some ideas to remodel your master bedroom into the personalized space you have always wanted:

1). Revamping your headboard.

Customizing your headboard is an easy and creative way to renovate your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique ideas: foregoing a headboard altogether gives you the opportunity to create unique and personalised wall space, perhaps scattered with a photo collage, a collection of newspaper clippings or book reviews mounted onto wire framing. Alternatively, try a simple, frameless mirror above your bed for a contemporary style.

2). Wallpaper.

Wallpaper provides the perfect opportunity for taking the interior design of your bedroom to the next level. In a busier bedroom with more furniture, wallpaper coloured with soft tones and subtle, concentric patterning can provide a sense of calm. Alternatively, to complement interior design that leans towards a minimalist approach, bold patterns are perfect making a statement in an area lacking graphics. Make sure to pay attention to scale here, balancing vibrant colour or design with simpler elements such as a plain white vase. For a more hi-tech style, try using wallpaper of dark greys or greens.

3). Built-in furniture.

For any master bedroom with an unusual shape or that lacks storage, built-in furniture can be your saviour. Built-in wardrobes can be installed into unused space, for example, in a loft-style bedroom your wardrobe can be constructed to fit even the most difficult of corners, providing floor to ceiling storage and eliminating clutter in your living space. A fitted wardrobe interior that can be customized to your needs ensures that all of your possessions are neatly ordered, maximising your space and fitting the colour scheme and atmosphere of your bedroom. Built-in wardrobes are guaranteed to be durable bedroom furniture, providing both immediate and long-term benefits such as adding value to your home. Headboards can also give you the opportunity for storage – try installing a built-in nightstand, shelving, or wall-mounted cupboards with mirrored doors.

4). Even smaller touches…

The genius to interior design is in the detail. Try new bedroom ideas such as hanging mesh, shimmering drapes around your bed to separate it from the rest of your bedroom into a space only characterized by calm and relaxation. Satin throw pillows with matching bedsheets can give any bedroom a classy and tasteful feel. Wallpapering or painting just one wall ensures individuality to your bedroom whilst also being an affordable and fashionable option.

To find out more about how DRAKS can transform your bedroom design in 2021 with our bespoke fitted walk in wardrobes and sliding wardrobe doors, check out our range of products on our website. Contact the DRAKS team today or call 01869 232989 for more.

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