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Keep your wardrobe organised with Draks

Draks offers stylish storage solutions that are perfect for keeping your clothing organised

Re-organising your wardrobe doesn’t need to be a chore. Use these top tips from UK designer wardrobe specialist, Draks.


1.    Clear everything out. When attempting to tidy and organise your wardrobe, it is essential to be ruthless. Start by taking everything out and going through it item by item being careful when deciding what can go back in. If you haven’t worn it in a year, then let it go!


2.    Get organised. Keeping your wardrobe organised in some kind of way will make putting outfits together and deciding what you want to wear so much easier. Putting your clothes into clear sections based on colour, style or season is a great way to do this.


3.    Rotate each season. Packing away your summer clothes in winter, and vice versa, is a simple change that can help de-clutter your wardrobe all year round. Make space for the items that you are going to wear now rather than keeping everything altogether.


4.    Utilise drawers and extra space. Once you have successfully cleared your wardrobe of all of the clothing that you don’t wear, put it back and make sure that you use all of the space available. If you have drawers, then use them to store smaller items like underwear or socks and tidy away all of those little pieces that make your wardrobe look untidy.


5.    Invest in a shoe rack. We have a habit of chucking shoes at the bottom of our wardrobes and they stay there looking untidy so why not invest in a shoe rack and show off your shoe collection instead?


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